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Mobile Device Cloud

Test apps on hundreds of real devices

What is the Mobile Device Cloud?

What are the advantages of the Mobile Device Cloud?

Why the German Cloud of the MMS?

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Real devices

iOS, Android in the Cloud

Possible combinations

Smartphone, tablets, iOS and Android versions, browsers

Test experts

In the Certified Quality & Intelligent Automation Team

Who is the Mobile Device Cloud suitable for?

The following users can perform Mobile Device Testing via the Mobile Device Cloud:

Test automation

Creation and execution of automated mobile app and website tests


Carrying out manual function test


Testing your own development
Debugging errors

Designer & UX Experts

Testing the application and website design on different devices and sizes and carrying out UX tests

Mobile App Testing & App Automation

with the Mobile Device Cloud

Use the Mobile Device Cloud to test your apps on more than 10.000 possible device combinations. This ensures that your customers can use your product smoothly on smartphones, tablets, in iOS and Android versions and in the browser. In the Certified Quality and Intelligent Automation Team more than 300 testing experts are at your side. One of them explains exactly how it works:

The cloud is a Real Device Cloud. In it, you can create automated test scripts that are executed on real devices connected to the cloud. You create these test scripts via so-called automation frameworks and integrate them into common CI/CD tool chains as required. This procedure enables you to achieve a high level of coverage in device testing - with the Mobile Device Cloud this means over 200 real end devices.

You can use these test automation frameworks as part of Real Device Cloud Testing in the Mobile Device Cloud:


Appium is available as open source. It is suitable for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It controls iOS, Android and Windows apps via the WebDriver protocol.

Appium + Jetpack Compose

Appium2 can also be used to automate Android Jetpack Compose Apps.


XCUITest was developed by Apple and therefore allows iOS app testing.


Espresso is perfect for Android app testing and was developed by Google.


TestCafe is a modern E2E browser test solution for test automation.


Tosca is a test suite from Tricentis for test automation.


Selenium is a modern Test-Framework for test automation.

The advantages for your mobile app test

with the Mobile Device Cloud

A big advantage of this test cloud: Mobile devices that are to be recorded with your application are brought into the test as real existing devices. Fully automated software tests are also carried out. In combination, these aspects help to ensure that your applications are mapped correctly:

Short procurement times of mobile devices Fast access to over 200 different real devices Fast verification and validation of software states Low initial outlay & fast ramp-up phase Professional testing is now easier to realise German Cloud - secure hosting in Germany
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The features at a glance

The basic features

The basic features are always available, no matter which package you choose.

iPhone App Testing & Android App Testing Mobile App Automation Wifi Connection Landscape & Portrait Mode API Access CPU Monitoring Automated Device Clean-Up
Remote Debugging Browser & App Testing Screen Sharing HTTPS Memory Monitoring Device Reservation
Screenshots & Videos Developer Support Gesture Input Reporting Battery Monitoring

Enterprise Features

With the Enterprise features you get exclusive services.

Exclusive Devices Network Virtualization SIM Cards Desktop Browser Testing IoT Devices Superior Phone Support

Best Practice

Mobile App Testing for the Corona Warn-App

The Corona Warn-App is constantly being further developed with, for example, new features or increased user-friendliness. To ensure that new updates work optimally on every device, we test the app with the Mobile Device Cloud.

Deutsche Telekom MMS

as provider of the Mobile Device Cloud

At Deutsche Telekom MMS we offer you a central test infrastructure in the mobile environment with the Mobile Device Cloud. Use the diverse test and development scenarios. Access real devices virtually via mouse, keyboard or touch screen. With Deutsche Telekom MMS you get:

Flexible and fast access to real devices German Cloud - secure hosting in Germany Encrypted device communication Supported test automation Remote debugging (ADB) Free expert support
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Artificial intelligence

The perfect complement to the Mobile Device Cloud

With the use of artificial intelligence in test automation, you can significantly reduce your effort compared to test automation without artificial intelligence.
Using artificial intelligence methods, we analyse your web application and app on devices in the Mobile Device Cloud. Fully automated creation of a structural model of your system under test Identification of controls of interest to humans using AI Fully automated generation of test automation scripts Testing of structure and controls of your system under test Turnkey test execution
To the services

With expertise to success

Tested. Reviewed. Experienced.

Today's software development is a constant process of adaptation: new features are implemented or bugs are fixed quickly and agilely. At the same time, the system landscape is more complex than ever: digital applications are linked with each other, cloud services are integrated, mobile versions are made available.

Stable, reliable and secure apps ultimately determine the success of their use in the employee or customer environment. In order to meet this demand, it is necessary to ensure quality from the beginning of software development through to operation.

We advise and support you in: the development of test concepts and strategies that are suitable for you, the planning and implementation of software tests in accordance with ISO 25010, as well as in questions relating to security, performance, usability and digital accessibility. For more efficiency in your software development and to relieve your specialists, we develop innovative automation solutions for software tests, application monitoring and process automation

Software hosted in Germany
ISTQB Platinum Partner
Security made in Germany

Test automation

Do you already test your application fully automated? Do you already develop quickly and agilely?

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Are your applications built in a user-centric way? Does your application comply with the applicable laws?

learn more »


Is your application protected against attacks? Do you know the vulnerabilities in your system?

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Is your application stable and performing well? Does your website meet the current requirements?

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Strong partners, satisfied customers, excellent services

Always the best performance

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