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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-02 - Android 14 support

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-02 - Android 14 support

New Features 

  • Android 14 Beta 1 support

Bugfix & Improvements 

  • Mobile Studio
    Toast messages are added to indicate the completion of SimulateCapture in Android devices.
  • Set Network Connection - Airplane Mode (Grid - Android)
     Executing setNetworkConnection to switch to airplane mode will now switch Wi-Fi as well.
  • Permission Flags (Android):
     You can now install apps with instrumentation that will have attribute android:usesPermissionFlags in its manifest.
  • Test Property (Appium Server):
     You can now use the addTestProperty command to add a custom property to a test. The property and its value will appear in the Reporter and reports.
    driver.executeScript("seetest:client.addTestProperty", propertyName, propertyValue);
  • WebDriver.IO:
    Added instructions on how to properly set up and run WDIO tests on the QuickStart page. 
  • Device Selection in Appium: 
    When using a generic deviceQuery, a device will be selected in the following order: A device which is opened in Mobile Studio Automation → A device which is open in Mobile Studio Manual → A device which is reserved by the user → the first matching device available from the least-loaded DHM.
  • Keep Data (Android):
     You can now install an app to upgrade an existing installation without losing its data using keepData=true   
  • Context switching error (Appium - iOS): 
    We've fixed a bug that prevented users from switching web context during runtime
  • Removing an application in IntelliJ: 
    We've fixed a bug that prevented the removal of an installed application with the IntelliJ plugin
  • Fingerprint Instrumentation (Android 12):
     You can now add fingerprint instrumentation to apps that has the new android:exported to true.
  • ADB restrictions affecting Android app installation:
     We have fixed the android app installation failures in grid tests that was caused due to adb restrictions set in project level.
  • Set Network Connection failure (Grid - iOS): 
    Failures to run setNetworkConnection on iOS 16 devices have been fixed
  • VoiceOver will turn off upon releasing with other cleanup options

Release Notes

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