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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-04

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-04

New Features

  • Testmanager will be available soon 
    Manage testcases within the Mobile Device Cloud 
    Capture testcases and export them to code or replay them 


  • New Appium Server: Appium 2.0.0 beta 55 - Support for Flutter Driver

  • Appium Server - SessionNotCreatedException
    We fixed a bug that caused intermittent testing failures in Appium Server.

  • Appium Server - Hybrid Applications
    We fixed a bug that prevented the Chromedriver WebView from identifying hybrid contexts.

  • Appium Grid - Bug fixes on Chromedriver
    We have made fixes on Chromedriver that failed to launch latest chrome(v.111+) and chrome beta. With this fix both ChromeBeta and Chrome latest launches fine.

  • Appium OSS - Support for LocationPlayback file to mock the device location

    You can now use the setLocationPlaybackFile command to upload a csv file with series of location points and the values will be used to set the device location. Reporter and reports.

    driver.executeScript("seetest:client.setLocationPlaybackFile", "cloud:LocationCsvFile", delay, "LocationProvider");

    In order to check if the mock location series is finished or not, you can call the waitForSetLocationEnd command.

Bugfix and Improvements

  • Mobile Studio - Full name tooltip context
    The context's full name is now visible through the use of a tooltip.

  • Mobile Studio - Device logs
    We have addressed the bug that caused device logs to be improperly filtered during search.

  • Android - Improvements to SimulateCapture
    We have improved the area in SimulateCapture when working with android core API library for camera.

  • Reporter - Attachments not showing
    We fixed a bug that caused Reporter attachments and videos to not appear in the UI.

  • Appium Studio for IntelliJ Plugin
    We now support Appium Studio for IntelliJ for the last three IntelliJ versions: 2023.1, 2022.3, and 2022.2.

Release Notes

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