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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-06

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-06

Screenshots From Secured Activities in Android 12 and Above

From Android 12, most screenshot and screen mirroring applications are blocked when there is a secured activity running in the foreground of the Android device. This results in seeing a black screen. Continuous Testing Cloud now overcomes this by introducing an advanced feature that allows you to see the application's snapshot of elements arranged by cloud while giving you the ability to interact with those elements. 

This is an example screenshot generated by the cloud when attempting to set passcode on Android devices when the property is not added vs. added. 

Read more about this feature.

Appium Flutter Driver

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit developed by Google for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms from a single codebase. With Flutter, you can create high-performance and visually appealing applications with a consistent user experience across multiple platforms.

You can now test your Flutter applications using Appium Flutter Driver in Continuous Testing.

Additional New Features

  • Device Passcode in Automation
    You can now use SetPasscode and ClearPasscode commands during automation for setting and clearing passcodes on devices

  • Getting Network Connection information in Appium Server
    You can now use the getNetworkConnection command in your Appium Server Scripts.

  • Android - Added support for Accessibility Inspection commands
    You can now use SeeTestClient Accessibility Inspection commands on Android devices. 

  • Screenshots From Secured Activities - Added support for more element classes
    We now support more android element classes to be seen in the screenshot from secured activities. You can configure it in cloud using additional properties if you want to see those elements.

  • Video Report Playback Speed
    When viewing a video report, you can now increase the viewing speed to 2X and 4X. 

  • Setting Network Conditions in Appium Server
    You can now use setNetworkConditions to select a profile configured on the Network Virtualization server in order test a device under different network conditions.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Studio - Test Editor - Activate Command
    The Activate command is now available for use in Grid projects via the Test Editor.

  • Mobile Studio - Test Editor - Export Code in C#
    Now you can build a test using the Test Editor and export the code to C#.
  • Mobile Studio - Skin for Samsung S21 FE 5G Supported
    The skin for Samsung S21 FE 5G is now available.
  • Cloud - DHM's Memory Improvement
    By addressing that problem, Mac Mini will no longer experience slowness, and socket connection errors will cease to occur.

  • Cloud - Device Status Bug Fixes
    We fixed the issue with devices status and cloud devices will now show statuses accurately.

  • Cloud - Added Device Group Column to Devices Page
  • iOS - App Installation Improvements
    We refactored the code around instrumentation that improves the app upload to cloud and installation.

  • Performance Transactions
    We've fixed bugs in the performance transaction report causing missing data and HAR file corruption

  • Selenium Window Resize and shift-left clicks in Monterey and Ventura
    You can now properly resize the window when browser testing in Monterey and Ventura. Clicking no longer shifts to the left. 

  • Reporter - Show Device Name
    You can now see the name and UDID of the device under test in the Reporter header.

  • Playwright Testing
    You can now run Playwright tests with a custom reporter

  • macOS Ventura 13.3 and 13.3.1
    We fixed the bug found in above versions when running DHM / EHM services. You can now use macOS  Ventura 13.3 and 13.3.1 for DHM/EHM.
  • Mobile Studio - Test Editor - Delete app, Install app, Set orientation commands
    The Delete app, Install app, Set orientation commands are now available for use in Grid and OSS projects via the Test Editor.
    • Mobile Studio - Test Manager - Save as
      In addition to the function to 'save' tests from the Test Editor to the Test Manager, the "Save as" feature enable to create duplicates or alternative test.

    • Android - SetLocation command improvements
      We made improvements to setLocation from Appium to reduce the failures.

    • Android - System apps can now be listed in Application Manager
      In order to launch apps that comes built-in with the device, you can configure an additional property in the cloud.

    • iOS - Application instrumentation improvements
      We now support Regula Document Reader SDK framework for simulateCapture. We also support additional architecture types for archive files on iOS native apps.

    • Android - Accessibility Project - TalkBack now turns on properly in pixel devices
      We fixed the bug on pixel devices where the talkback was failing to start from accessibility projects.

    • Android - Bug fixes on SimpleKeyBoard
      The bug on SimpleKeyBoard where the characters was sent twice is now fixed.

    • Improvements on Emulator Host Machines
      We now support android emulator with ARM architecture on mac minis with Apple silicon.

    • SeeTest Automation application build and release versions
      Your application's build and release version information will now be automatically included in video reports.

    • IntelliJ Plugin installation
      We fixed an issue that prevented the IntelliJ Plugin from being installed.

    • Performance Transactions details
      We've fixed a bug that prevented CPU, battery, memory, and network details from populating in the transaction report. 

Notes and Known Issues

  • Limitations on Android 12 - 14 devices are mentioned here.

  • We recommend removing the passcode on iOS 15.x and 16.x devices to avoid devices going into an error state. Read the complete iOS limitations here.

  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

  • Network data in Performance Transactions appears in bytes instead of KB, as displayed. 

Release Notes

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