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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-08

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-08

Support for iOS 17 (Beta)

MDC supports iOS 17(beta) both on real devices and simulators. Now increase your testing scope by testing your applications against iOS 17(beta) to ensure all the functionalities are working and discover any new bugs.

iOS 17 beta device will be available soon. 

Additional New Features

  • Downloadable Crash Logs
    When an application crashes, you can now  download the crash logs associated with your test execution  right from the Reporter attachments.

  • Appium Server - Clear Device Location
    You can now  reset your device's location  after mocking.

  • Mobile Studio - Emulators - Add Emulator Machine Name to Device Information
    You can now see the emulator machine name as part of device information.

  • Mobile Studio - Console - Show Meaningful Message When App Installation Fails
    In the event of a failed application installation within Mobile Studio, an informative message is generated, explaining the reasons for the failure.

  • Mobile Studio - Unavailability of the Network Tunneling Server is not Indicated in Mobile Studio
    An indicator will now be displayed when the Network Tunneling tool is unavailable.

  • Mobile Studio - Monitors tab - iOS - Loading Animation of Battery Performances Keeps Working Endlessly 
    You won't experience any difficulties when monitoring your iOS device's battery.

  • Mobile Studio - Accessibility - Accessibility Reactivates Upon Interacting With a Device
    Interacting with the device while in stop mode won't trigger the inspector's reactivation.

  • Mobile studio - Screen Settings - Optimize Rendering of Device Screenshots
    When you've configured a high frame rate on a slower machine, the system automatically adjusts the frame rate for optimal user experience.

  • SeeTestClient - New Command - StopLocationPlayback
    Now you can use  StopLocationPlayback  to terminate the location playback on the background.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Cloud - Update Selenium 4 Script on Quick Test Page
    You can now run a sample automation script using Selenium-Java 4.9.0 and above.

  • Cloud - Dashboard Sorting
    Now you can sort Project and Device Usage tables.

  • Remote Debugging - ADB Forward
    We fixed a bug with the ADB Forwarding capability in Remote Debugging.

  • Mobile Studio - Receiving Web Dump after Automation Execution
    You can now refresh the dump of a web/hybrid application after running an automation test on the opened device.

  • Android - Issues Observed When Starting Performance Transaction 
    We fixed the issue where the device response time was high upon starting the performance transaction.

  • Simulators - Connection Stability Issue Fixed
    We fixed the issue where the connection stability notification was seen in iOS simulators running on 13.2.2 and earlier.

  • Android - Improvements on Accessibility Inspector
    We made improvements on the inspector to support additional classes to retrieve the values.

  • iOS - Orientation Issues
    In certain devices, the change orientation was not working more than twice. Now, it has been fixed.

  • Android - Oppo devices - Performance improvements
    General connection has been improved against oppo devices to reduce the high response time in cloud

  • iOS - Dump improvements for Instrumented apps built with Swift UI elements
    We fixed the issue where the element properties were not fetched properly for apps built using Swift UI elements.

  • Android 12+ - Improvements to Screenshot from Secured Activities
    We enhanced the code on app launch part so that the Connection Stability notification will no longer be displayed.

  • iOS - Device logs improvement
    Now you can configure the logs in mobile studio to conform the  logs from console app of macOS .

Notes and Known Issues

  • Limitations on Android 12 - 14 devices are mentioned here .

  • We recommend removing the passcode on iOS 15.x and 16.x devices to avoid devices going into an error state. Read the complete iOS limitations here.

  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

  • Network data in Performance Transactions appears in bytes instead of KB, as displayed. 

  • Seetest Client Automation on IOS 12.x Devices is currently not possible

Latest Browser and OS Version Support

Beta 16.6 RC
17 beta 3
14 beta 4 114 115 115
Official 12.3.x — 15.7.8, 
16.x  — 16.5.1 GA
5.1 — 13 114 114 114 16.4

Release Notes

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