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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-09

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-09

Support for Appium 2.0 Official Release

After many months in beta, Appium has officially released stable version 2.0, introducing significant changes to the architecture of the testing platform.

For more information, read the Appium Migration Guide.

Support for Flutter Integration Tests

We are now supporting flutter integration tests on both on Android and iOS devices. Now expand your test coverage by including the integration tests that are built by your developers.

Click here to read the complete documentation on how to execute Flutter integration tests using the REST API on the Cloud.

Additional New Features

  • Mobile Studio - Screen Settings - Automatic Frame Rate
    You can now enable the Auto setting for frame rate, which adjusts based on your available bandwidth.
  • Mobile Studio - Test Manager - New Columns: Created by and Modified by
    Details of who created and last updated the test are now available.
  • Mobile Studio - Test Manager - Identical names for iOS and Android workspaces
    You can now assign the same workspace name to both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Mobile Studio - Emulators - Set Location Tool for Emulators
    The Set Location tool is now supported by emulators.

  • Appium Server - New Command - StopLocationPlayback 
    Now you can use StopLocationPlayback to terminate the location playback on the background.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • iOS - Devices REST API - New endpoint to get installed profiles
    Now you can use the devices REST API to get the list of installed profiles on your iOS device.
  • Cloud - iOS Simulators - Infrastructure improvements on the app launch
    We have improved the code in iOS simulators that allows launching of instrumented and non-instrumented apps seamlessly.
  • Mobile Studio - Automatic handling of passcodes in devices enabled with passcode manually
    A bug that tried to automatically handle the passcode on devices where the cloud admin has set the passcode manually is fixed. Now the Cloud will not try to perform the recovery which displayed this behavior.

  • iOS - Bug fixes on duplicate elements seen with Simulator dump.
    The bug with duplicate elements displayed on iOS simulators has been fixed.

  • Android - Fix for home button press when clicking view or debug from execution tab
    Home button press will no longer be performed when opening a view or debug session on android devices.

  • Cloud - New side menu bar in the cloud
    Navigation in the cloud has been enhanced to meet accessibility standards.

  • Cloud - Release device now displays the all clean-up procedure
    You can see the clean-up configurations after you choose to release the device with clean-up.

  • Cloud - Reservations REST API are now allowed for user role
    In addition to the Cloud and Project administrators, now cloud users can use the reservations REST API.

  • Cloud - Account creation - Additional special character support
    Cloud now allows you to create users with special character (') on the email field.

  • Browsers Page - Safari will now display the minor version
    You can see the minor versions for safari browser when working with macOS selenium agents.

  • Cloud License - Improvements for different sessionTypes
    General improvements on license type to be used when launching different type of sessions.

  • Cloud - Bug fixed on device without serial number
    The bug with missing device serial number on devices page has been fixed

  • Playwright - No steps in Reporter
    You can now see all your Playwright test steps properly in Reporter.

  • Performance Transactions - Network Data
    Network data in Performance Transactions now appears in Kilobit, as displayed. 

Notes and Known Issues

  • Limitations on Android 12 - 14 devices are mentioned here .

  • We recommend removing the passcode on iOS 15.x and 16.x devices to avoid devices going into an error state. Read the complete iOS limitations here.

  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

Latest Browser and OS Version Support


Beta16.6 RC
17 beta 3
14 beta 4116117116
Officia12.3.x — 15.7.8, 
16.x  — 16.5.1 GA
5.1 — 13115116



Release Notes

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