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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-10

Release Notes Cloud Update 2023-10

Support for iPhone 15 and iOS 17 

The MDC supports the latest iPhone 15 series of devices. Now you can test your iOS apps in iPhone 15 using Manual or Automation (Grid & Appium Server) sessions. Expand your test coverage by adding these latest devices on your cloud and start testing on them.

iPhone 15 Devices available: 

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Max
  • iPhone 15 Pro 
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (soon)

Additional New Features

  • Cloud - Added support for accessKey on the Backup API
    Now you can use accessKey for authorization when calling the Backup REST API.

  • DigitalAI:Options in Appium and Selenium Executions
    With the implementation and enforcement of the W3C WebDriver Protocol in Appium and Selenium executions, any vendor-provided capabilities must be encapsulated. For more details, see Additional Appium Capabilities Using DigitalAI:Options (Appium 2).

  • Add Audio to Video Report
    You can now attach synchronized audio to your video report with the audioReport capability.

  • Selenium - Support Chrome for Testing
    We are now supporting Chrome for Testing (117+) to provide more reliable browser automation.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Studio - Manual Report for Session 
    At the close of every Mobile Studio session, you can now craft a manual report specific to that session.

  • Mobile Studio - Set location - Navigation Support 
    Test your navigation app easily by uploading a CSV file containing the necessary coordinates in Set Location -> Set Route. This enables you to view the simulated location on the device.

  • Mobile Studio - Enable Users to Switch Among Appium Versions
    As Appium 2.0.0 and later versions fall short in supporting iOS above 14, shift between Appium versions when your system operates on 2.0.0 or more.
  • Android - Test Orchestrator Updated to Version 1.4.2

    When running Espresso tests that uses Test Orchestrator, 1.4.2 is used as it is the latest stable version. 
  • Flutter - New executionType to Explicitly Support Flutter Integration Tests
    Now you can use executionType=flutter when running your flutter integration tests.

  • SeeTestClient - Added Support for ActivateVoiceAssistance Command in Android
    ActivateVoiceAssistance command is now available in SeeTest and Appium Grid tests.

  • Cloud - Huawei Devices Are Now Supported with Bluetooth Audio Setup
    Huawei devices use a UI script from cloud to get the BT address in order to support the BT audio configuration.

  • Cloud - New UI for Users and Devices in Project Manage page 
    Now the users list displays only users assigned to the selected project.

  • iOS - Apps with Plugins Resigned Only if Allow Resign is On
    The bug in signing has been fixed. App plugins now are only signedonly if the allowResign is set to On. 

  • iOS - Screenshoter Response Time Improved
    Screenshoting in iOS has been improved to enable better response times.

  • Android - Emulators - Bug Fix on SetLocation for Automotive Emulators
    SetLocation now sets the coordinates properly on Android automotive emulators similar to standard Android emulators.

  • iOS - Get and SetPickerValue Command Improvements
    In iOS 16 and above, when running picker commands the instrumented dump now looks for picker elements even if Apple window doesn't display the picker elements in the dump.

  • Espresso - Improvements in Reporter Test Status 
    For apps built with Kotlin, we now match the local run results to the reporter test results.

  • Android - Improvements to the Accessibility Inspector
    The navigation in the accessibility inspector now matches the talkback functionality navigating through the app.

  • SeeTest Automation Studio (Legacy Tool) - Improvements When Opening Android Devices from Environments Set with Proxy Server
    When using proxyserver with no username and password, now the Android devices open from SeeTest Automation Studio.

  • Appium Server - Application Crash Reporting
    When an collecting crash logs during test execution, test properties will include "appCrashed = true" to indicate an application crash.

  • Cloud Support Data - Xcode
    Xcode Version will now appear in Cloud Support Data (System Info)

  • Appium Server - Support for iOS17 Devices
    Appium Server sessions can now be run on iOS17 devices, using Appium image 2.1.3.

  • Rest API - Virtual Device Web Control
    You can now start web access control of a virtual device using the REST API.

  • Edge Browser - Complete Setup Bug Fix
    A "complete setup" pop up will no longer appear when using the Edge Browser.

  • Appium Grid - client.getDeviceProperty Values
    Client.getDeviceProperty calls now return the correct value.

  • Cloud - V1 API - Optional Parameter to Control the Signing of Plugins in Applications
    When uploading apps with plugins through REST API, you now can control the signing of plugins within the application using an optional parameter named SignPlugins.

  • Android - Click command improvement to handle different screen sizes
    A fix has been made to calculate the device dimension accurately when performing click command.

  • Cloud UI - Upgrade button removed from Selenium Agents page
    The upgrade button has been removed from Selenium agents page. You can now perform the upgrades using Ansible or the installers.

  • App Signer - Properties take precedence than the selection in plugins signing
    The properties set in Application signer's will take highest priority when set.

  • Accessibility Inspector - Added the spokenDescription on iOS devices
    You now see additional properties named spokenDescription for iOS in the accessibility inspector.

  • SeeTest /Appium Grid - Attach crash log to report
    you can now attach crash logs in the event of application crash using collect.crash.log=true in the project variables.

  • Selenium - Support platformName Platform.Windows
    You can now select any available Windows platform using: dc.setCapability("platformName", Platform.WINDOWS);

  • AudioReport in Mobile Studio
    You can now run an audioReport test after using the listen button in Mobile Studio.

  • Appium Grid - Launching app using uniqueName
    We fixed a bug that prevented executions of Appium Grid with the App capability UniqueName.

Notes and Known Issues

  • Limitations on Android 12 - 14 devices are mentioned here .

  • We recommend removing the passcode on iOS 15.x and 16.x devices to avoid devices going into an error state. Read the complete iOS limitations here.

  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

Latest Browser and OS Version Support


Official12.3.x — 15.7.9, 
16.x  — 17.0.3
5.1 — 13117118117


14 beta 4

Release Notes

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