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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-01

Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-01

NEW AI Functionalitites

Additional New Features

  • Activate Voice Assistant with Text on Android

    Use the activateVoiceAssistance command in Appium Server or Grid to activate the voice assistant service on the device (for example, Siri or Google Assistant). It sends the text parameter as if it is a spoken directive.

  • Test Manager - Suites

    Introducing our new Test Manager Suites! After launching the Test Manager at the start of the year, we're excited to introduce this advanced feature. Now, you can effortlessly group your Test Editor-created tests into organized suites, execute them on actual cloud-based devices, and analyze results through detailed reports. For more information see Test Manager - Suites.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • iOS 17 now uses advanced connection technology 
    The cloud now has new technology to connect to iOS 17. This has removed a lot of limitations.
  • iOS 17 - Fixes to the coordinates of root node in dump
    In iOS 17, the root node did not encompass all elements, so SwipeWhileNotFound did not find those elements.
  • iOS - Bug fixed in signing the distribution apps on cloud
    Distribution (Enterprise) apps were signed when ct.ios.sign-distribution-apps was set to false. They are no longer be signed if the property is present.
  • Android - Improved the process in connection stability
    The devices now appear in the list as Available only if the UIAutomator installation is successful.
  • Android - Accessibility Project - Text To Speech Output will get stay on if turned on if user has enabled it
    We fixed the bug where the Text To Speech was not getting enabled when opening devices from accessibility although the user has enabled it manually.
  • Android - Accessibility inspector flow will now match the device if Talkback is ON
    In certain apps, the navigation did not match the talkback flow is now fixed.
  • Android - Issues in starting talkback on Pixel devices through accessibility project
    The issue seen in starting talkback on the pixel is now fixed.
  • iOS 12 - Issues with SendKeys command has been fixed
    SendKeys command now works in Grid with IOS 12 devices without failures.
  • Cloud - New UI for "Resources", "Automation" and "Devices Policies" on Project Manage page
    These pages are now in a new tab called Preferences. 
  • Enable device deletion regardless of Bluetooth adapter association
    You can now delete the device even if it is already associated with a Bluetooth adapter (a warning is displayed).
  • DHM info panel - Bluetooth adapters
    The bug has been fixed. Now only the adapters that are associated with a device appear in the info panel.
  • Increase max application file size for upload to 1.5 GB
    You can now upload an application of more than 1GB.
  • Cloud - The authentication type is now displayed in the user list CSV file
    You can now also see the type.
  • Cloud - API V1 - None added to the accepted list of UUID in plug-in signing
    You can use None as an argument. This lets you not sign a particular plug-in when using the API.
  • Edge Browser - Manual "Complete Setup" bug
    We fixed a bug that caused users to be asked to complete the browser set up in Edge.
  • Reporter - appCrashed
    Reporter now correctly displays whether an application crash took place during testing.
  • Appium Grid - Device Property
    The GetDeviceProperty command now showssthe most current value.
  • Cloud Administrators can now edit passcodes for multiple devices by using the REST API.
  • The bug related to instrumentation has been fixed which caused installation failures of Android applications built using Xamarin when advanced instrumentation capabilities were used.
  • The iOS disconnection caused by changing device time has been fixed, and the device will now stay connected.
  • iOS devices that are set to Keep Unlocked will stay awake throughout the time. 
  • Several infrastructure-level improvements related to iOS 17 have been made in order to improve the initial setup and connection process. The stability has been improved using newer technology. 
  • iOS 17 will now keep the session alive in mobile studio when the language is changed.
  • The default cache values of our cloud components have been increased to accommodate for larger application uploads.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Appium WDA to stop responding during Appium executions.
  • Web dump now displays properly when using Appium 2.x.
  • Using LaunchWithOptions with Appium now properly sets authentication mode in iOS.
  • We fixed an issue causing clicks to get shifted to the left on Monterey and Ventura Selenium agents.
  • Selenium long runs no longer get stuck intermittently.
  • Reports with large numbers of steps now load faster than before.
  • The value returned by getDeviceTime now matches the Appium server output.

  • The offset seen in the dump (from object spy) for specific applications on iPads running in iOS 17.1.1 is now fixed.
  • You can now set the status of step groups in Appium Server executions using setGroupStatus.
  • Session creation time has been reduced.
  • The WebDriverAgent instability issue has been resolved.
  • The issue preventing the proper display of a web dump with Appium 2.x has been resolved in the latest version of Appium server.
  • Project Administrators can now assign users to another project they are Project Administrators of by using the Edit User dialog, just like Cloud Administrators can.
  • The Device Info panel now provides visibility into which cleanup failed when a device is in "Cleanup Failed" status.
  • Filters in the Cloud Web Portal have been changed for improved clarity.
  • The Device Policies page is now called Device Cleanup for Project Administrators.
  • A new design has been implemented for Global Restrictions, Reports, Automation (for Project Administrators), Devices Policies (now "Device Cleanup") and for all info panels in the Cloud Web Portal.
  • The device name has been added to the feedback report.
  • You can now use the Rest API - Tests to download the device logs captured during a performance transaction.

  • The height of the Manual Session Report Dialog no longer causes problems with submitting reports.
  • A message now appears to show that the system is handling your command once you submit a prompt.
  • If the AI-Powered Test Creation tool is unavailable when you submit a prompt, a specific message is displayed.
  • The issue causing improper display of the step time in Reporter has been resolved. 

Notes and Known Issues

  • After upgrading to latest version of Cloud, all iOS 17 devices display trust pop-ups which need to be accepted manually.
  • Limitations on Android 12 - 14 devices are mentioned here.
  • Having passcodes set on these devices by default is not supported for iOS 15 and above. This includes passcode, TouchID, and FaceID. You can use DevicePasscode in Mobile Studio or automation to temporarily set a passcode. Read the complete iOS limitations here.
  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

Latest Browser and OS Version Support


Official12.3.x — 15.8, 
16.x  — 17.2.1
5.1 — 14120121120

17.3 beta14 beta 4

Release Notes

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