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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-03

Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-03

Support for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

New Added Devices: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 (Nr 1) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus (Nr 1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Nr 1) 
  • Google Pixel 8 (Nr 1) 
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro (Nr 1) 

Support for Android 15 Developer Preview

We are now supporting  Android 15 Developer Preview on real devices. Increase your testing scope by testing your applications against Android 15 DP to ensure all the functionalities are working and discover any new bugs.
The support includes manual and automated testing.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • A test in a Test Manager Suite that is stopped is now labeled as 'skipped', and a related report is now created.
  • The Device Passcode tool and setPasscode now support configuring a 6 digit number passcode instead of the default 123456.
  • Devices no longer go into error when Xcode installs a newer DDI.
  • The offset when fetching web dump on iOS 17.x devices has been fixed.                                                                                                 
  • Android talkback application is now added to the whitelist cleanup snapshot by default so that it doesn't get uninstalled during cleanup.
  • iOS framework signing issues seen in Windows signer machines when the framework name had Chinese characters have been fixed. 
  • A new property named instrumentation.dump.max.depth limits the depth of elements logged in dumps on instrumented applications. This reduces dump failures.
  • You can now set the default browser language when using Selenium in Windows.
  • You can now set the pass/fail status of Step Groups to accurately reflect test outcomes.
  • You can now use ApplicationClearData in Appium Server to clear the entire application data and cache from the device it is installed on during runtime.
  • NightWatchJS starter project is now available in the Community Code Repository
  • After running a performance transaction test, you can now view device hardware information using the REST API.
  • You can now use comparative operators <, <=, >, >=  in Device Query. For example:  dc.setCapability("deviceQuery", "@os='ios' and @version >'17.0'");

  • We have fixed a bug causing invalid session IDs in Selenium.
  • We have fixed a bug causing the Applications menu in the IntelliJ plugin to be empty.
  • We have fixed a bug preventing you from viewing video report attachments.
  • Notifications about license expirations are now visible to Cloud Administrators only.
  • The number of items selected in multiple selection tables is now displayed.
  • You can now upload the same p12 and mobile provisioning twice.
  • We have fixed a bug causing server crashes during browser usage report export with extended time intervalsAvoid exporting reports over extended periods to prevent potential issues.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Huawei devices is now more reliable.
  • Screenshots from secured activities are now supported in Android 14.
  • The time it takes to launch a Mobile Studio manual session has been significantly improved.
  • The Appium OSS automation window no longer appears when opening an Android device.
  • Community Code Starter Project repositories for JUnit and TestNG have been updated with parallel test examples.
  • You can now view detailed device information as well as device logs in Performance Transaction reports.
  • Speed Index is now included in Performance Transaction CSV exports.
  • We fixed an issue causing an "Unknown device or simulator UDID:" error in iOS.
  • Security in input validation in Reporter has been enhanced.
  • The Remote Debugging utility for Windows is now bundled with the Java 8 runtime.
  • Mobile Studio now supports working with offline instrumented Android apps.
  • A black screen no longer appears on streaming Android devices.
  • Mobile studio console now displays complete information for application installation failures.
  • iOS cleanup is now more reliable.
  • A new indicator shows the automation type configured for the project.
  • The Email ID on My Account page for users with the User role is now disabled.
  • Uploading the same provision profile and p12 twice no longer fails.
  • The "Data Loading Error" is no longer displayed when using the search functionality in a Selenium page.

Notes and Known Issues

  • Having passcodes set on these devices by default is not supported for iOS 15 and above. This includes passcode, TouchID, and FaceID. You can use DevicePasscode in Mobile Studio or automation to temporarily set a passcode. Read the complete iOS limitations here.
  • Due to technical limitations, Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid. Instead, use Appium Server.

Latest Browser and OS Version Support


Official12.3.x — 15.8.1, 
16.x  — 17.3.1
5.1 — 14121122121

17.4 beta 414 beta 4

Release Notes

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