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Blog Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-04

Release Notes Cloud Update 2024-04

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The yellow notification message that appears in Mobile Studio during a connectivity error has been updated for better clarity. It now specifies whether the issue is related to the user's network or a system error.
  • In the Test Editor, adding a new step after selecting one places it directly below, not at the list's end by default.
  • In the Mobile Studio's Screen Capture feature, you now have the ability to delete all screenshots and videos at the same time. 
  • The Device Information panel has been improved to include links to our documentation. These provide troubleshooting information for devices in offline and error statuses.
  • The issue where projects couldn't be deleted has been fixed. 
  • Network Virtualization and Tunneling are now supported in Ubuntu 22.04. LTS.
  • The IntelliJ Plugin now supports IDE Version 2023.2.6 .
  • Manual Safari Browser Studio sessions no longer start as minimized.
  • Improvements were made on Android devices to fix the connection error. It is recommended to keep the Home Screen of Android devices without any app widgets.
  • Continuous Testing Cloud now automatically tries to reestablish connection to Android devices. If the connection to device services cannot be established, the device goes into error. Basic troubleshooting such as rebooting the devices and validating if the required permissions are granted is required to bring the device to available state again.
  • HybridClearCache in iOS devices has been improved to reduce the failures seen in web tests due to the web inspector.
  • Element identification issues with overlay objects on android devices has been fixed.
  • The failure to launch an app after executing Appium's resetApp() command has been fixed.
  • Application signing now supports iOS apps built with the driver kit framework.
  • Dump scaling issues observed with instrumented apps on iOS 17 have been fixed.
  • Espresso test execution issues observed with TestOrchestrator on Android 12 and above devices have been fixed.
  • Android Emulators with API 34 now appear as Android 14 in the Emulators page.
  • iOS Cleanup now automatically handles assistiveTouch during the cleanup process.

Latest Browser and OS Version Support


Official12.3.x — 17.4.1 
5.1 — 14122124122

17.4 beta 414 QPR3 Beta2

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