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How do I reserve a device in the MDC?

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How do I load my app onto the reserved device?

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How do I run my test on the reserved device?

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How do I retrieve the results of the performed test?

Upload app

How do I load my app onto the reserved device?

To ensure that the applications you want to test are available for installation on the devices, it is best to use the "Application Manager" of the Mobile Device Cloud. To do this, go to the "Application" menu where you can upload all your apps for iOS or Android (ipa or apk file). To do this, select the corresponding app and assign a unique name (UNIQUE NAME). If you would like to use the special features "Simulate Capture (Camera)", "Touch ID (fingerprint)" or "Network Capture" for your test, select these options accordingly. Now upload your app. After the upload, your app is ready for installation on the devices.

There are two variants of the installation: a normal installation and an instrumented installation. In the case of instrumented installation, the previously selected special features are then available to you.

Mobile Device Cloud

The apps you upload are only available to the users of your own team.