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Manual testing on real mobile devices

Test automation Tester Developer Designer & UX Experts

With its mobile device testing features, the Mobile Device Cloud is aimed at testers of mobile apps for iOS and Android and web applications, among others.

With the following features, the Mobile Device Cloud supports the successful testing process:

You can upload, install and test your app that you would like to test at any time via our internal application manager. All you need is the APK (Android) or IPA (iOS). Testflight or the MS Appmanager are not necessary. Test the functions of your app as if you had the device in your hand. To do this, you can simply control the device and your app using the keyboard and mouse. The usual gestures (swipe, scroll, zoom) are available. Simulate images for the camera e.g. QR code for scanning in your app Simulate GPS positions Simulate the use of biometric authentication (fingerprint)
Gestures Camera GPS | Mobile Device Cloud
Control your app with the usual gestures. Simulate camera images via image upload. Simulate GPS positions around the world.

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